Founded in 2011, Power Capital Renewable Energy is a leading Irish independent producer of renewable energy with a growing international presence. Power Capital Renewable Energy is a specialist, independent power producer with a long-term vision that translates into a strategy to produce renewable, competitively-priced energy sustainably and on a large scale. With upwards of 1GW of Solar PV in Ireland and a growing international pipeline, targeting 5GW by 2030.

We operate on a vertically integrated basis across the whole life cycle of our power plants, developing and operating them with a long-term strategic vision. We intervene in all four stages of an asset’s life-cycle, design and development, financing, building and operating. In addition, as project owners, we are closely involved in supervising the construction of our power plants. We ensure that the criteria are met to enable our plants to become reliable, sustainable and competitive assets.

We take particular care in the functioning of our solar farms, which are monitored in real-time by our team of specialists. Our subcontractors perform their maintenance under O&M agreements.