Harnessing the renewable power of nature.

Envisioning an America sustained by clean, renewable energy.

What We Do

Hawthorne Renewables is an American Power Development platform. We’re a fully serviced utility-scale renewable energy development company with global experience and gigawatts of projects over two continents from early-stage portfolios right through to operational.
We develop high-quality power stations that meet the highest of American and International Regulations while contributing to the transition of global policy towards Environmental, Social and Governance standards.

Who We Are

Introducing our Leadership

Steadfastly championing the renewable energy evolution for a sustainable future.

Colin Murphy

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Conor Grogan

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Marc Connolly

Head of Project Management

Justin Brown

Board Member

Peter Duff

Board Member

Austin Roberts

Head of Landowner Engagement
In a period of heightened security of energy supply concerns, our projects provide America with a stable and predictable energy source for decades to come.
Countries with solid energy policy and diversity in generation results in cheaper electricity for all, from homeowners to big manufacturing and everyone in between. Our goal is to help in providing America with stability in energy, so that its citizens can focus on local jobs, equality and progress.
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